Providing Unparalleled Language Services

Count on Lingua Franca Language Services to provide you with the various language assistance you need. Be it for federal/state government purposes or for use in the medical field, the energy sector, or other industries, we have you covered.

We are a full-service interpretation and translation agency located within the Washington metropolitan area. We facilitate and enable connections for organizations seeking to communicate with new audiences through the provision of quality language services.

Our Edge

Our proximity to the nation’s capital allows us to tap into a diverse and multicultural workforce from which we recruit our staff members. In doing so, we’ve assembled a talented group of interpreters and translators from across the globe who retain a personal familiarity with the cultures that our clients are seeking to connect with.

Our interpreters have extensive experience specifically in security/policing/law enforcement. Their expertise goes beyond technical proficiency and includes an innate understanding of the slang vocabulary and esoteric terminology that springs uniquely from one country to another.

As a small business, we bring a personal touch to the table. Your needs are our priority, your goals are our goals, and our staff members are at your service.

Our Mission

We aim to enhance communication, create connections, build bridges, and establish stronger networks by providing language services of unmatched quality. Our team is here to serve primarily government sectors as well as private companies in various industries.


Over the years our interpreters have been involved with a wide variety of projects, gaining valuable experience in various fields and working under many different circumstances and in many different settings. Here are just some examples from the last few years that highlight the types of challenging assignments in which our staff members have demonstrated the highest levels of expertise:

  • ATA Armored Vehicle Driving Training
  • Parole, Probation, and Rehabilitation Techniques
  • Intelligence Training (Web Analytics and Intelligence Software)
  • Human Trafficking and Forensic Analysis for Missing and Displaced People
  • Interviewing and Interrogation Tactics (Intelligence Collection)
  • Leadership Training
  • NYPD Internal Affairs Study Tour
  • Border Control Management Course

Each of these trainings culminated in a successful project outcome, and viewed collectively, they provide a small but representative sample of our professional organizational expertise. If you’re interested in learning more about how the cumulative experience and talent of our interpreters can help your project achieve similarly successful results, please contact us to start the conversation.

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