When you work with Lingua Franca Language Services, it means you work with the best interpretation services the field has to offer—and that includes our equipment.

Our interpreters utilize only the most modern and effective devices on the market to ensure that when they speak, your listeners can hear their words with absolutely zero static or interference. Our goal is to meet your needs by providing the clearest possible audio experience.

When our interpreters are in the field, they rely on the use of the ARG 72 MHz Wireless Audio system. Using a transmitter that broadcasts a high-quality, one-way audio signal, our interpreters can speak directly to an unlimited number of participants who are connected through receivers.

These devices are small and lightweight, making them easily portable and perfect for assignments that involve moving through multiple locations—and with a maximum distance of up to 300 feet, groups can move along comfortably with no need to bunch up and follow tightly to maintain a connection.

For assignments in fixed locations such as classrooms and conferences, our interpreters incorporate the use of interpretation booths to fulfill the project requirements. These booths come in tabletop and full-size format and their usage are determined by the size of the room, the duration of the assignment, and the number of participants involved.

When you hire Lingua Franca Language Services, you’re guaranteed to receive a first-class experience—and that includes only the best equipment possible to satisfy your linguistic needs. Contact us at our office in the Washington metropolitan area today!

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