What We Do

At Lingua Franca Language Services, we help clients in the Washington metropolitan area build and strengthen their business relationships by providing superior linguistic services in the following areas:

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is the most common form of interpretation. This approach features recurring pauses between sentences, during which time the interpreter repeats the information in the target language. This mode of interpretation is best recommended for speeches, interviews, recorded statements, one-on-one meetings, medical consultations, parent-teacher conferences, and depositions.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is a more challenging form of interpretation, which eliminates the recurring pauses found in consecutive interpretation. This approach requires that the interpreter renders what is being said at the same time that the speaker is speaking into the target language, with no margin for delay or inaccuracy.

Simultaneous interpretation is a highly specialized skill that requires a consistently high level of concentration. For this reason, simultaneous interpreters typically work in pairs and switch on and off every 20-30 minutes. This approach is commonly associated with conference speaking; hence, it is commonly referred to as “Conference Interpretation.”


Translation is a form of interpretation that focuses specifically on written documentation and eschews the verbal aspects of the spoken word. Documents which frequently require translation include legal and contractual agreements, government materials such as tax or identification forms, medical forms, and more.

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